From Baja to the Mediterranean – a Whale of a Story

In an effort to keep this page more current I have decided to share some of the cool things I come across in my daily emails and facebook events. These will be posted in the Just for Fun section of this blog. I will try to always add a personal note or comment to keep you, our friends up to date on our travels and activities, along with sharing the news article I found coolest that day.

Yesterday, we went back to our old workplace and visited with some great friends from our pre-retirement days. As Chuck so aptly puts it. We really miss the people but the jobs.

Today Chuck and I are packing up again and leaving Paradise for the Sacramento area, after a stop over at Jamie and Tim’s to see them and of course our darlin’ Madison.

My Favorite Facebook Post of the Day

Compliments of Rani Paxton and

These whales are renowned travelers; they feed during the summer in the Bering and Chukchi seas, and migrate each winter more than 5,000 miles to mating and calving grounds off Baja California, Mexico.To reach the Atlantic by means other than an Arctic route, they’d have to either swim through the Panama Canal or continue another 8,000 miles to the south and round Cape Horn at the bottom of South America.

Gray whale off Israel called ‘most amazing sighting in history of whales’

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