Merry Christmas to All & To All a Good Year! (2011)

Photographer: Filomena Scalise

To All Our Dearest Friends & Family!

We hope that your Christmas is filled with Peace and Joy and that 2011 will be blessed with prosperity and good cheer!Chuck and I are very much settled in here in San Felipe and at least for the time being have no plans to travel anywhere.

We were disappointed that our anticipated guests in October and November were both forced to cancel their trips south but are looking forward to Tara and Jeff’s visit in January and Larry and Lynn’s return later that month.

Chuck did make an unplanned trip up north for Madison’s birthday (in Sept) and I went to a seminar in Las Vegas for a couple days (over Halloween weekend).

We have met many new friends here in San Felipe and some of them joined us for a lovely dinner on my birthday and our anniversary this month.

We have made a few improvements on the house, tiling the living room and putting a fence around the pool and are planning on adding on to Chuck’s workshop in the next month or so. Come Spring I hope to start the kitchen remodel.We have also added an old Izuzu rodeo and VW bug to our collection so now we don’t need to drive the Odessey on the bumpy roads so much.  We keep it for trips to Calexico.

We have become more involved with the local food bank and I am helping the lady who is running it (Patty) learn English as she helps me learn Spanish.  I hope get a group of local expats/snowbirds to volunteer one or two days a month to help out at the thift store.  It is a good thing to see first hand the good work that is being done with the handicapped children.

So until next we meet, again we wish you a wonderful and blessed Holiday and Happy New Year.

Susan & Chuck (Young & Bryant)

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