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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Overflowing Thankfulness

But the other day I was thinking, who needs silly ol’ Facebook? I’ll let my Thanksgiving post this year be a list of 24 things I am thankful for.  I realize probably two people will read all the way through this post.  As my husband says, I take 3 times the necessary words to convey something.  However it’s my blog. And I can take however many words I want to write what I want to say.  So there.  Read it or not… here’s what I am thankful for (in no particular order, just whatever comes to my mind first):
read Johnna’s list on


Thanksgiving Day has long been my favorite holiday. I loved that it was a time focused on getting together as a family and being grateful, not on frantic shopping, gift giving and getting. This year I was thrilled when I started seeing people on the net start “giving thanks” at the beginning of November instead of a few minutes before the “Thanksgiving meal”. The above article was written by the daughter of some very dear friends and I too join her in giving thanks for the miracles God worked in her father’s life this year. His accident, injury and healing played a big part in working a miracle in our own home too.

Now that THE day has past, I am feeling a bit let down. I don’t want to see this spirit of gratefulness end so even though it is no longer Thanksgiving Day I refuse to get caught up in the chaos of Black Friday and choose to continue to focus on the blessings that surround me and give thanks DAILY.

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