Why Are Americans So Fearful of Travel?

Baja coast

by Dee Mason

Studying Statistics Should Help

Americans are becoming increasingly risk averse. This is bad news, not just for them as individual Americans, but for the global economy too. Being risk averse means that one never experiences anything new and exciting, for fear of discomfort or falling foul of some statistically unlikely event. It inhibits and limits the imagination and restricts movement.

Life is Risk

All forms of travel bring a certain degree of risk. Moving from A to B is inherently more risky than staying put in position A. That applies to jumping in your car to visit the shopping mall, or driving around the corner to see friends. But did you know that statistically car accidents are more likely to happen within a quarter of a mile of your own home than anywhere else on a given journey. Seems implausible? It is a fact, and if you consider the elements that come into play it is not surprising. Perhaps, after a long journey you are tired. As home comes into view you relax your guard, allow your mind to scuttle ahead and think about what you want for supper. That momentary lapse of concentration can cost you your lives. But you would never consider staying at home instead of visiting a relative an hour’s drive away because of that statistic. Nor refuse to visit the shopping mall.

Harmless Holidays

One might think that staying close to home would be the safest route to longevity. With this world view many Americans never leave their own state, let alone attempt travel to a foreign country. Two out of three Americans don’t even have the chance, as they have never applied for a passport. But when you look at the figures, sometimes it is safer to be on holiday than it is to stay at home.


If you want to holiday, but don’t want to take a plane abroad then Mexico is a great option. The Baja area in particular is stunningly beautiful and offers so much for tourists to enjoy. But it is surprising that this area of Mexico is overlooked by some American’s—for whom the fear of travel stops them seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes and beaches in the world. With plane travel available from major airports there is no reason not to fly to the Baja region for a short break or even for a long weekend. Why not fly in for a round of Golf? There are golf courses for all abilities. When you’ve finished the round you could go deep sea fishing? Big fish can be caught in the sea here, and it is very popular with serious anglers. Or, if this sounds too exhausting, the beaches are stunning–with white sand and clear water.

Statistics Say It All

Mexico is the number one travel destination for Americans, which may surprise some. Over 50,000 each day visit Mexico, which means that statistically your chances of being hurt or the victim of crime come down considerably. Fear of crime and violence is one of the reasons American citizens cite for not wanting to visit Mexico. That having been said, Mexico is actually safer than America, even after taking drug cartel related violence into consideration. In world wide comparison Mexico doesn’t even rank in the top ten dangerous places to visit.

Live a little!

If we all stayed at home and never traveled, we would never have the chance to experience the wonderful gifts that travel can bring. They say it broadens the mind, and indeed it does. Walking under the stars on a moonlit beach, trying new and exciting foods, finding out that people everywhere are just the same…all these things enrich our lives and make us feel that we have really made the most of our time. If we don’t like it we can always go home. But if we never try we may always wonder what the world had to show us.

Remember you are more likely to die of a smoking related illness in the U.S. this year than be murdered in Cd. Juarez, the most dangerous city in Mexico! You are also more likely to be killed in a drunk driving accident within 20 miles of your home than even witness a violent event on vacation in Mexico. So let yourself go and live a little. A visit to Baja is a great place to start.